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  • What is Lost Design Studio?
    What is Lost Design Studio? Lost Design Studio was founded almost 20 years ago by our founder Paul and originally provided solely airbrush designs. Through consistent innovation of services and experience, Lost Design Studio specializes in a variety of art production methods to suit your needs. Lost Design Studio offers Airbrush, Silk Screen, Vinyl, and Heat Transfer graphic designs to name a few. Please check out the “Services” and “Shop” sections to find a design suited for you!
  • What Are Your Hours of Operation?
    Lost Design Studio’s Hours of Operation are as follows: Sunday: CLOSED Monday: 9AM – 9PM (EST) Tuesday: 9AM – 9PM (EST) Wednesday: 9AM – 9PM (EST) Thursday: 9AM – 9PM (EST) Friday: 9AM – 9PM (EST) Saturday: 9AM – 9PM (EST)
  • Where is The Studio Located?
    Lost Design Studio is located in Brooklyn, NY. We also service New York City and the greater New York State region. We will be servicing the Texas area soon!
  • How do I Know What Size to Order?
    Rest assured; we offer a variety of size options! They are as follows: Youth Sizing is for standard children ages 1 – 13. These are unisex, Gildan brand shirts being used to create your order. If your child is more on the petite side, please consider sizing down. Adult Sizing is for all ages and adult body types. We use Unisex Gildan brand products as well. They run a little big, so if you are looking for a fitted look, please consider sizing down.
  • How Do I Get Something Customized?
    Call 844-5678-244 or email Project requirements:1) Image or a idea in visual form 2)Items or a list of items with specifications3)Payment.
  • Ethical Professionalism
    Lost Design Studio reserves the right to reject a project pertaining to racial, discriminatory, or prejudiced designs. Please be mindful of the designs you are requesting.
  • Can A Sample Be Created for Me?
    We do not print proofs or samples unless instructed by the client. Creation of sample images may delay your order and will incur an extra charge
  • May I Provide the item I want to be customized?
    Yes! This would fall under a custom piece. You will complete the custom order form (Attach the order link) and one of our amazing representatives will get back to you with a price quote and timeline. Lost Design Studio has the right to turn down Articles of apparel that are in poor condition.
  • What is The Turnaround Time for A Custom Piece?
    The average timeframe for a custom piece is anywhere between 3-5 business days. If you need your items completed faster than the average timeframe, you will need to pay additional for a rush service.
  • What is The Project Process for Custom Orders?
    The most ideal procedure for a start-to-finish order would consist of the following: You would complete the custom request form in its entirety. A member of our support team will be in contact with you to provide a price quote and detailed invoice via email. You must pay your deposit in order for us to start working on your order. If you are dropping off an item, a member of our team will schedule a drop-off time for you. After drop-off, we will begin working on your order! You will receive an email containing photos of your designed item(s). If you are satisfied with the final product, we will schedule a pick-up appointment for you. We would love to see how you styled your custom piece! Please email us, or tag us on social media!
  • What is Considered an Expedited or Standard Timeframe?
    An expedited job would have a turnaround time of 1-2 business days. This timeframe is subjective to if you need to drop off the items you want customized. A Standard time – frame would consist of 3-5 business days depending on if you are dropping off items for customization. Please note if you are requesting a specialty item (V-neck Shirt, Specific Color, Women’s Sized Shirts) there will be an additional 2-day wait for your order.
  • Do you Ship Items?
    Yes! We offer shipping and our starting flat rate is $8.56. Prices may vary depending on the distance from our studio to your address.
  • I Would like to Inquire About a Bulk Order. What is the turnaround time?
    Orders containing 12 or more items would be considered a bulk order and will include a discount. Bulk standard orders will have an average turnaround of 2-3 business days. Custom bulk orders will take an average of 3-5 business days depending on the design created by you. Please contact customer support at so we can accommodate you!
  • What is The Deposit Policy?
    All custom orders will require a 50% deposit for Lost Design Studio's services. This does not include outside materials (specific shirts, signs, sneakers, etc) to start production. If our team has to retrieve the item(s) needed to create your design, this will be an additional charge outside of the deposit and will need to be paid in full. All deposits must be paid before any service can be rendered. No exceptions. All Bulk Orders will be subject to a 60% deposit for Lost Design Studio's services. Rush services are NOT available for deposits, and must be paid in full. All custom order deposits are final sale.
  • Do you Offer Payment Plans?
    Yes! You can start a payment plan by following the steps for checkout and selecting “Pay Later” through PayPal.
  • What is Your Return and Exchange Policy?
    All custom orders are final sale. If there are issues with your custom order, please reach out to support staff at or phone at (844)-567-8244 for assistance. Additionally, exchanges are granted at management’s discretion. Please contact us via email at or phone at (844)-567-8244 with further questions or concerns. We aim to please, and all orders come with a 100% percent customer satisfaction warranty, if your item is damaged after washing or casual wear, our designer will “refresh” your garment for you free of charge!
  • Can I Cancel or Edit My Order?
    Once the order has been created, you cannot cancel the order. If you would like to make changes and adjustments to your order, please contact us within the first 2 hours of order placement. You must contact support staff at or phone at (844)-567-8244 for further assistance.
  • How should I care for my items once I receive them?
    All custom and standard pieces are heat-pressed to ensure they will remain in mint condition after your event! Depending on the fabric, we recommend the following to keep your items looking amazing: Cotton Apparel (Hoodies, T- Shirts, Socks, etc.) Standard Setting on Washing Machine with LUKEWARM water. Denim Apparel (Jeans, Jackets, Vests, Skirts, etc.) Standard Settings on Washing Machine with COLD water. Leather and Silk Apparel (Jackets, Blouses, etc.) Please take your items for dry cleaning.
  • How do I request Lost Design Studio for an Event or Class?
    We love to entertain guests, families, and students! Please contact customer support at or phone at (844)-567-8244 so we can schedule your upcoming event.
  • How Do I Request Lost Design Studio for Photography?
    We offer an array of talented and sophisticated photographers to suit your needs and price point. Please contact customer support at or phone at (844)-567-8244 so we can schedule your upcoming event
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