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All projects are on a schedule basis 


Standard turn around time is 10 to 13 business days for any project. All projects needed in less time is considered as a rush job. All rush jobs will incur a  rush fee (if possible)


Project requirements:

1) Image or a idea in visual form  

2)Items or a list of items with specifications



All orders will require a 75% of lost design studio services and a 100% of any outside material ( shirts, signs, etc) to start productions


We do not print proof or samples unless instructed by the client  proofing or color test  may delay your order and will incur an extra charge


Clients are responsible for their projects. ONLY the client can make changes  only the client can inquire on their updates to their project 


Any changes made after the project and been processed will affect deadlines and pricing 


Clients are responsible for checking that their project is complete at time of pick up once a project leaves the studio we are not responsible for any damages or discrepancies to the project. Please view care instructions on


Clients are also welcome to supply their own apparel to be painted or printed 

A service fee may be subject  to additional charges for used apparel (exp. jackets, denim, sneakers Etc.)


Lost Design Studio has the right to turn down Articles of apparel that are in poor condition. 


Lost Design Studio has the right to turn down Project of racist ,discriminative anti judgmental 


Lost Design Studio has the right to turn down or discontinue Any projects of  or that are in a disrespect manor to Lost Design Studio and it artist and or staff.


Just a update your invoice was sent and need to be paid so your project can begin.    Delays in payment will delay completion date 


Once a project has been started there are absolutely NO REFUNDS. 


All custom work deposits are final 

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